Hi, I’m Kelly and I founded SOUNDS LIKE FEELS LIKE. I love music because it is a collection of stories and shared human experiences. I’m also a very emotional person and use music to process life and all the thoughts in my head, heart, and soul. I’ve said before that if I could turn my life into a musical (or opera), I WOULD. 

I’ve been dramatic since high school, here’s proof. Also my face has not changed one bit.

I’ve been making playlists since the boy that encouraged my inner demons tear down my self-esteem in high school convinced me to get Spotify (that’s one good thing he did). Since then, I’ve been making playlists about everything — songs that remind me of home and growing up, songs that make me feel like the empowered woman I am, songs that capture a specific season of life, or songs that just get the party going. Wanna get a peek into my soul? Listen to the music I’m listening to and you’ll see everything you need to know.

I got the idea to start blogging about music because in 2019 when I was dating this one guy, I realized a total rando was following my playlist about how I felt about him. (I have since deleted the playlist, even though it SLAPPED, so you can’t follow it.) Once we decided to end the relationship, I was on the search for songs that explained that dating situation and it was hard to find something that I hadn’t heard before. I was looking for my new favorite song and wanted one place I could go to find it.

So why share something so personal with the world? I am on a constant search for theme music in my life, to make sense of life on earth. I envision this blog to be not just a place where I share my life through music but a centralized way for people to come in and search for a song or a playlist to explain what they’re feeling. As Hans Christian Andersen said, “when words fail, music speaks.” Additionally, I envision it as a way for under-the-radar artists to share the stories behind their songs. I look forward to opening up to interviews and artist spotlights so they too can share the music on their hearts.

If you’ve read this far, I hope you stay awhile to find your new theme song! Want to know more about my music taste and what kind of music I talk about often here? Check out this post!

Special thanks to one of my best friends ever, Katie Klopp, for designing my logo and being my business partner in crime as I grow this blog.

Love you lots!!