In Our Own Skin

With National Hispanic Heritage Month on the horizon and An Exploration into identity What am I? It’s one of the many questions we ask ourselves. Being biracial, it’s something I ask myself, too. Am I Mexican? Am I American? I don’t live in Mexico , but I still feel this … Continue reading “In Our Own Skin”

For A Good Cry

Have you ever just uncontrollably bawled your eyes out listening to a song? Come onnnnnn, I know you have. It’s a pretty common experience. At least for me, I can’t help it sometimes. I’ll hear a song build a chord so magnificently or resolve a particular progression so delicately- I … Continue reading “For A Good Cry”

Summer Dream Pop

Don’t wake me, I’m living in a goddamn day dream, nothing ever lasts as long as you want it to, as long as I’m next to you. I’m feeling like the sun never sets, that summer was endless… – Heaven is a Place in My Head, Bad Suns Guess who … Continue reading “Summer Dream Pop”

AAPI Excellence Vol. 1

Happy AAPI Heritage Month! If you didn’t know, May is Asian-American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month. Especially with the rise in violence against AAPI people in America, it is important to learn about the complicated history of AAPI people in America and highlight their contributions to food, culture, and more. … Continue reading “AAPI Excellence Vol. 1”

A Little Space

In the throes of the pandemic, everyone has looked for some sort of escapism. Whether it was getting the lost in the world of movies or television/streaming shows, regressing to nostalgic obsessions, or just dissociating from reality while in lockdown, we all had our choice to cope. I’ve been particularly … Continue reading “A Little Space”

Lonely Songs for Lonely People

So, I guess we’re all (unofficially) in quarantine now here in the US. For the record, we’ve already known that there’s a loneliness epidemic but it’s very possible that it’ll be exacerbated by ol’ Corona. As someone who’s struggled with loneliness, now more than ever do I find it important to reach … Continue reading “Lonely Songs for Lonely People”

ew it’s valentine’s day

For the record, I’ve always had the mentality that Valentine’s Day should celebrate more than romantic love. Like, I once hosted a live radio show in high school where I took requests and dedications on Valentine’s Day. It was fun, and further proof that I’ve been brimming with the need … Continue reading “ew it’s valentine’s day”

A Little January Optimism

Idk about you all but historically, my Januaries have been trash. I love the energy of a new year but there’s always something that puts a damper on my mood midway through the month. Well you know what January? Not this year!!! Anyways, I made this playlist so we can … Continue reading “A Little January Optimism”

Thanksgiving Songs

I know everyone’s debating whether or not to listen to Christmas music already, but I am NOT HERE FOR THIS SO-CALLED THANKSGIVING ERASURE. Food, people you love, food, and just time to be thankful for what you’ve got. Why erase that? Did I mention the food?? There’s Halloween songs, there’s … Continue reading “Thanksgiving Songs”

The Comeback Kids

Ok, people who know me personally: No, this is not only gonna be about the Jonas Brothers. (I will put forth my declaration of love to them later because I’m still processing, hold please.) Their comeback was a personal thing for me, however, they’re not the only kids that came back into … Continue reading “The Comeback Kids”

Spooky Songs

Fear is a funny thing because it’s both something that can paralyze you and motivate you. Halloween and the spooky transitional season that it exists in (autumn in lay men’s terms) are a time to reflect on things that scare you, whether you’re going through a tough time or you’re … Continue reading “Spooky Songs”