In the throes of the pandemic, everyone has looked for some sort of escapism. Whether it was getting the lost in the world of movies or television/streaming shows, regressing to nostalgic obsessions, or just dissociating from reality while in lockdown, we all had our choice to cope. I’ve been particularly interested to see how different artists have made their “pandemic albums” to express their way of coping. If you’re wondering what I mean by “pandemic albums,” I’d love to explain in a future blog post! But for now, I can explain it by the example of the 2020 Grammy’s Album of the Year, Taylor Swift’s “folklore.”

When Nick Jonas released his new single and album “Spaceman” a couple weeks ago, it got me thinking about how humanity has had an obsession with space and the cosmos. Really, there’s nothing like people getting excited over a successful launch into space. It’s pure, unadulterated joy and awe. At the same time, it’s intimidating to think about how big the universe is and how much there is undiscovered. Centuries of artists have been inspired by it all. So, after crying in the club (the club being my room) to Nick’s new song, I decided to dig up some songs that talk about space and sound spacey.

Special thanks to Nicole, June, Dulce, and my older sister Diana for submitting song recommendations!


Spaceman – Nick Jonas

Nick sings what we’ve all been thinking the past year in this song and that’s why I’ve been dancing with tears in my eyes to this one. The space metaphor in this song speaks about the idea of feeling disconnected from home and normalcy. There’s a lot of 2020 anxieties captured in this song. It’s good pop, emotional yet fun to groove to.

Major Tom (Coming Home) – Peter Schilling

I have a funny story about this one: I was trying to look for the version of this song on Spotify years ago but I could only find the German version. The chorus of this song is so iconic that they kept the chorus in English even in that version. I would mumble the German verse until the “4, 3, 2, 1 Earth below us drifting, falling…” I can honestly picture an entire nightclub in the 80s doing the same. Also, who am I kidding, I’m still mumbling the verse even in the English version lol. Last thing I’ll say, you should check out the music video in all its gorgeous 80s glory.

Superposition – Young the Giant

I love this song. Not gonna lie though, there was a time where I felt I couldn’t listen to it because it reminded me of making out in someone I dated’s car. I was so mad that this song was ruined for a while because making out to this song with someone who isn’t right for you is like bringing out a fine aged wine bottle just so you can break it. But then, I saw Grey’s Anatomy used this song in a romantic outro scene and all was well in the world. (Thank you Shondaland and your wonderful music supervisors.) Please heed my advice, this romantic song is perfect for really sweet stargazing with your committed significant other. Do not waste the wine!

Space Girl – Frances Forever

This song (deservingly) went viral on TikTok and that’s how it found its way in my heart. Honestly, I feel like this song planted the seeds for this playlist. I love the swing in this song; it’s like you can picture the enchanting space girl walking on stars as she goes about her day. It makes me feel like the main character’s sweet, but unattainable love interest in a coming of age movie, which y’all (should) know I absolutely love. Space girl is very much inspiring my aesthetic this season.

Space Oddity – David Bowie

Ah yes, the king of space songs. Space Oddity walked so a lot of these space songs could run. There’s a sadness in this song that I really like. You really feel like you’re wistfully floating in space while listening to this song. I’ve noticed in a lot of space themed songs that there’s a bunch of different tracks repeating a melody like little transistors or parts of a “ground control” console. I also really like the acoustic guitar in this song, it’s always in the background chugging along until the little unexpected breakdown. The story in this song is so sad, it’s really a testament to Bowie’s creative genius. You gotta soak in this one…multiple times.

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