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New Music Crush: Samia

“I only write songs about things that I’m scared of, so here, now you’re deathless in art…” – Is There Something in the Movies?, Samia Ok, not gonna lie…I saw this one coming. I’ll explain exactly what I mean. Today, I’m talking about my latest new music crush, Samia. Samia, … Continue reading “New Music Crush: Samia”

New Music Crush: The Aces

“I’m stuck, babe, stuck with nowhere to go…” – Stuck, The Aces Yeah, ok I’m SUPER late with posting about this new music crush. Why? Do I even have to say it? We’re all thinking it. Ugh, well, 2020 sucked. I’m done sugar coating it or pretending it wasn’t terrible … Continue reading “New Music Crush: The Aces”

Dancing Through Pain

So LA has been hitting rock bottom when it comes to COVID cases. One out of every six people in LA is dying from COVID. I am absolutely terrified. I do not want to leave my house for anything, even though I committed to volunteering somewhere every Saturday. Literally, my … Continue reading “Dancing Through Pain”

this is america

A revolution is upon us. And it is long overdue. America loves Black culture — music, fashion, slang, comedy, food, the list goes on. But at the same time, racially motivated violence and acts of hate continue after generations of abuse. How many more times must a Black person in … Continue reading “this is america”

SOUNDS LIKE: Shanghai 2015

Five years ago today, I boarded a plane for the very first time to Shanghai, China for the most memorable summer I’ve ever had. That summer in Shanghai was magical, full of adventure, and my first taste of real independence. I’m gonna reminisce a little here. To prepare for the … Continue reading “SOUNDS LIKE: Shanghai 2015”

24 Kelly Magic

It’s my blog and I’ll make a playlist if I want to. Instead of getting all nostalgic (aka how I always live my life), I’ve decided to make a playlist that explains how I want to live my life as a 24 year old. I’ve been really good at getting … Continue reading “24 Kelly Magic”