Well, I really don’t know what to tell y’all about my life these days. I’m really still sitting here with my head on fire. Low key I’m feeling delusional and slightly all over the place: I’m flying high with fun work developments most days and then in completely emotional disarray in other areas of life. This all sounds like it’s time I looked for a musical escape.

If you’ve picked up anything by reading my blog, you’d know I’m a sucker for disco inspired or 80s inspired anything. So you can imagine my excitement when I find a new artist that checks off both those boxes. And that brings me to my latest New Music Crush, indie singer-songwriter Alfie Templeman.

Alfie Templeman was born in Carlton, England and started releasing songs that he wrote, performed, and produced in his bedroom at age 15. I know — he’s under the same crop of young-ins who are making me feel like I should have started doing something with my music 10 years ago. But we love to see it for him!

I first heard Alfie’s music earlier this year, in one of my many Indie music discovery romps on Spotify while working. The first song I heard from him was a glittering tribute that I truly want to soundtrack me running off into the sunset.

Now, something you should all know about me: if a song sounds like it could’ve been in a John Hughes movie, you should send songs that sound like that to me IMMEDIATELY because chances are I WILL be falling in love with it. That’s exactly what happened with “Film Scene Daydream”.

The instrumentation of the song is just so perfect, from the glittering synths to the steady beat to the hypnotizing guitar riff. Ugh, just gorgeous. Oh and the saxophone solo?! Fuck yeah dude, you know I love that!

This song sounds like the moment the nerdy main character falls in love with the popular girl and they’re driving down PCH (or on a lawnmower if you’ve seen Can’t Buy Me Love). I’ve always loved the idea of being someone so desired and seemingly unattainable. It’s become my biggest romantic fantasy, especially after my last dating experience. I’ve really been craving that. This is gonna sound depressing but I haven’t felt the desire of my presence anywhere in a while. So I kind of love the idea of being so desired that someone would call me a film scene daydream.

As I dove into more of his songs, the song “Everybody’s Gonna Love Somebody” assuaged some worries I’d had related to the above feelings. It’s been three long years since I’ve had any sort of reciprocal action in the romance department and I know now that was pure escapism. Since I healed from that experience, I’ve been in this purgatory of wanting meet new people but things getting derailed by COVID and other priorities like family, work, and mental health. I’ve literally been trapped in this vicious cycle of downloading and deleting apps, starting conversations and immediately losing interest. I’m mostly mad because I’ve yet to talk to someone/match with someone that’s even close to my standards. Literally, where do I even meet people?

On a non-frustrated note, let’s talk about another recent song that has been thee essence of hot girl spring that I’ve been feeling as of last week, the song “Happiness in Liquid Form”.

I’ve mentioned ad nauseam how work’s been busy but good, and after a big launch last week, I finally got to celebrate. First there was an HR sponsored happy hour last Thursday where I got hang so many people for the first time and then a very fun kickback with some really dope new work pals the next day.

Last Friday night was SO fun. Like, I literally WALKED to my friend Patrick’s house for that kickback. I didn’t even do that in high school! All my friends were too far away! But for real, I had no idea we would go through all the bottles of wine that were on the table that night. There was joking about faux pas (like Darth Vader according to my friend Garrett), my famous intellectual discussions on taboo subjects just before I get silly drunk, and some nostalgic 90s commercial watching to sober us up a little at the end. Also I definitely tried doing some of my old musical theatre moves then ended up with a bruise on my right knee…it finally feels ok now lol.

I took a portrait of me drunkenly laughing after taking selfies with the crew. Why.

I’d missed just having fun like that. I can’t remember the last time I felt like I could just let go like I did last Friday night (Alexa play “First Time” by Alfie Templeman). I want more of that. Special shoutout to Nectar hard seltzer, that stuff’s GOOD.

Back to Alfie though, he’s also got some beautiful wisdom for me, especially in the song “Don’t Go Wasting Time”.

This song feels really poignant to me right now because I’ve spent so much time during the pandemic ruminating on my mistakes and who I used to be. So much that I’ve needed my therapist encouraging me that I’m not who I used to be. I’m not the discouraged employee doing less than the bare minimum anymore. I also won’t be tempted to fall into that because I love the role I’m in now. I’m not the foolish girl that would do anything to keep a relationship because the other person needs me. I care too much about my mental health to sacrifice my boundaries for things that aren’t encouraging me to grow in the right direction.

Dang, what is it with the youths revealing such deep wisdom in their songs?! I’m gonna start crying again, ugh.

Anyway, I came here to talk musical escapism and boy have I found it in Alfie. If you’re looking for some perfectly reflective, funky, chill, carefree indie music, then my dude Alfie Templeman’s got you—just like he’s got me. Let his music be the soundtrack to your hot girl spring, summer, whatever.

Also!! He’s got a new album Mellow Moon coming at the end of the month, so it sounds like I’m gonna have to update this playlist once that happens!


Obvious Guy

This is song has a delightful disco influence and naturally it’s been on repeat. It also is another echo of me being sick of not being desired. As the resident queen of subtlety, the LAST thing I want to be is obvious, good or bad.

Yellow Flowers

There’s a gorgeous wistfulness in this song that reminds me of the singer-songwriters of the 70s that my mom loves. It’s giving Jim Croce and James Taylor in the best way. The plucky guitar feels so familiar and comforting, love this one.

Wait, I Lied

This song is a bop and a half and it’s driven by a top tier bass line. Idk it makes me want to do aerobics or go on a jewelry heist somewhere. There’s a James Bond-esque feeling to it. Also his falsetto in this song really makes it feel dynamic. Not gonna lie, this is some sexy stuff my dude.

3D Feelings

From the starting riff, you know this one’s gonna get you good. It’s dreamy at first and then BAM here comes the funky pop in the chorus and you’re bopping along. I’d be remiss in mentioning that three dimensional feelings is the way I’m choosing to describe when I vocalize to people that I have a new crush. Like when I tell my therapist and start writing songs about my feelings. Am I currently in that stage again? 👀 Maybe…

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