It’s been some time since I posted on a Friday huh? Well, we’ve been in busy times to say the least: going to my friend Kyle’s wedding, getting and recovering from COVID, my sister and her babies in town, Roe vs. Wade getting overturned, starting with a new therapist, me trying to date again…

Dating? Yeah, you heard me. Ya girl is starting to date again. It’s been three years since I’ve dated anybody and I think it’s (like Lizzo’s been saying) about damn time I get back out there.

I obviously have a lot of thoughts swirling around in my head as I evaluate not only where I’m at, but the many guys that float through my Hinge and Bumble profiles. Am I doing this because I feel like I’m finally in a healthy place? Yeah, for the most part. Am I dating to learn how to express my boundaries better? Hell yes. Am I dating to remind myself that there are more options than someone I may have a crush on? Haha I don’t have a crush on anyone…certainly not someone that I might’ve hung out with outside of work lol.

Well, fact of the matter is that I’m dating because I’m tired of keeping myself to myself. The last few years I feel like I’ve been in a cocoon, healing and doing necessary work to establish myself on solid ground. The last year of being in therapy really opened my eyes to myself and how much I have to offer. And damn, it would be an honor to be loved by someone like me.

Instead of approaching dating like I used to (giving everything I could to one person), I’m trying to take a more lighthearted approach for myself: let’s have fun and explore…then if someone decides they’re madly in love with me, then they should actually try to convince me that I’m in a safe place to fall in love too.

So this playlist goes out to all my potential suitors, this is what I want to feel like. Learn it, love it, appreciate it, and make me feel like the love interest in a romance movie for once.


Silk Chiffon by MUNA ft. Phoebe Bridgers

She’s so soft like silk chiffon…

I’ve been obsessed with MUNA’s new album. This is such a beautiful queer love song and I want to lift it up for the way they describe the beauty of femininity. It’s joyful, sweet, playful, and irresistible. As someone who’s amassed a collection of silky, satiny dresses, I would LOVE to be described as someone like silk chiffon. I mean, I already dress the part.

Have U Seen Her by Kid Bloom

Flawless skin bleeding through her dress, red lipstick making me sweat, you’re near, have you seen her?

The moment I heard this song for the first time, I fell in love. Literally once that synth started playing when Kid Bloom opened for Bad Suns in February, I was like…I need this song injected into my veins because I want to feel this. This immediately goes in my column of “songs that I would want to play in a montage with me as the love interest in an 80s movie”.

I’d Really Love To See You Tonight by England Dan and John Ford Coley

But there’s a warm wind blowing the stars around, and I’d really love to see you tonight…

I love cheesy songs from the 70s, always have and always will. But this song is incredibly underrated because it’s so straightforward. Like, this is what dating should sound like to me. Please shower me with how much you miss me and my smile. Let’s not talk commitment yet, just enjoy my presence, ya feel?

Wild Love by James Bay

Lose a little guard, let it down, we don’t have to think it through…

I went positively feral when James Bay released his album Electric Light back in 2018. And I always thought this song would be a perfect song to make out to. I love this song because it calls me out for having my guard up, which I do. Being encouraged that I’m in a safe space is crucial.

You Were in My Dreams Last Night by Babygirl

We took our time, we got it right, we workеd it out by candlelight, when you werе in my dream last night…

I’m a big daydreamer, especially when I like someone. I’ve been the type of person that gets trapped in the daydream, tempted to lose sight of the actual person I like. I’m playing it a lot more cautiously this time around and I think it’s time someone daydreams about me for once! After years of being lured away into false daydream, I love the idea of me leaning into being someone’s dream girl.

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