One of my favorite music phenomena is how you can like two songs that have the same title but sound totally different.

I started working on this playlist because I equally enjoyed listening to two songs called “My Type” by Saint Motel and by Saweetie.

It was funny to me that they both talked about calling out one’s “type” but were two different genres. On one hand, I’d be picturing myself lighting up a karaoke bar with the Saint Motel song. On the other, I’d be getting down to the Saweetie version at the club with my besties. Either way, I’ve definitely gone a little too hard to both those songs in my car.

Now, one thing you absolutely have to understand about me is how I apparently have endless space in my brain for literally every song I’ve heard more than once in my life. Like at any given moment, I can recall any song by either a melody or a phrase. Believe me, I considered going on that game show “Beat Shazam” once upon a time. I totally would’ve beat it.

Anyway, since my lightbulb moment realizing the genius of the two songs called “My Type”, I’ve been on the lookout for songs I’ve loved that have the same title but are by different artists. And y’all, the results did not disappoint.

Like an unexpected wine pairing, these same title-different song pairings are sure to put your musical palate in a tizzy. In other words, welcome to the inner workings of my brain. For me, the most polar opposites were the most fun to listen to back to back. I highly recommend listening to those pairings back to back.

What are your favorite same title, different song combos? P.S. There will be more to come because there is no shortage of songs in the universe.

The Pairings

Kiwi — Harry Styles, Maroon 5 — Ok someone needs to throw these two songs into the cold shower because guys, we get it — you’re horny. That said though, they both go so hard in that sexy rock and roll direction. Funny that y’all both chose Kiwi as a title.

What You Got — Colby O’Donis ft. Akon, John Lennon — This pairing is just genius and both these songs are so underrated. I grew up listening to the bop that is Colby’s song and when I went full Beatlemania in high school and dove into John’s catalog, never forgot that “What You Got” was also a huge bop. Literally if you play these songs back to back at a party you WILL confuse everybody except me. I will have seen it coming.

Who Do You Love — YG/Drake, 5 Seconds Of Summer/The Chainsmokers — The funny thing about this pairing is that both are collabs. The YG/Drake song reminds me of listening to my best friend Juliette’s playlist when we drove around in junior year…because I couldn’t drive. The 5SOS/Chainsmokers version reminds me of my best friend Eden and I went to see The Chainsmokers in Vegas and someone in the audience was like “where are the Spaghetti Smokers?” Weird times with best friends, am I right?

Sanctuary — Joji, Aly & AJ — Both of these artists are underrated AF and these songs are perfect showcases of both of them. Joji’s honey voice really shines here. The Aly & AJ song is glittery in a similar way (and just amazing live if you ever get to see them!). It’s funny how both these love songs talk about that safe space when you love someone.

You Stupid Bitch — Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast, girl in red — What are the chances that there are two songs in the world called “You Stupid Bitch”? I first heard the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend version as a fan of the show and was floored at how perfect of a song it was. The lyrics are self-pity spiraling at its finest but it sounds like Celine Dion having a diva moment in Vegas. It’s probably my favorite song from one of my favorite tv shows of all time. After I heard the girl in red version, I was literally that Dr. Doofenshmirtz meme.

Settle Down — The 1975, No Doubt — Seeing these song pairings is so interesting because it shows how the title reflects the lyrical content/vibe of the song. Both these songs have a driving beat to them despite an urging to settle down. It’s funny that Matty Healy & co and Gwen Stefani & co seem to have had the same idea musically there.

Maneater — Nelly Furtado, Hall and Oates — I’ve probably known about this pairing the longest because I grew up with both of these bangers. I am fully planning to talk about how much I love Hall and Oates in a post one day and we CANNOT dispute that Nelly Furtado was a queen of the 2000s. Please bop to these songs as much as I have for more than 10 years of my life.

Generation Why — Conan Gray, Weyes Blood — Another underrated artist pairing, we love to see it. I remember listening to Conan’s song right before the pandemic just stewing in angst. Weyes Blood on the other hand has been a recent discovery, ever since she collaborated with The Killers on their songs “My God.” Both songs have a dreamy, ethereal quality to them.

Desperado — Rihanna, The Eagles — This pairing is funny to me because the Rihanna song is sultry and sauntering but The Eagles song is just pure sadness. Like we went from badass cowboy music to sad cowboy music. I’m not a cowboy, but maybe that is the life of a desperado. The only thing that unites these two songs is the fact that we’re talking outlaws from the Wild West era here.

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