Happy 2nd Birthday SOUNDS LIKE FEELS LIKE. It’s been two years since I launched this project and it’s been a wild time so far.

I started this blog with the intention of creating a community around the human element of music: our emotions. I had so many ideas from the get go and such a grand vision for what this could be.

But that was derailed due to the global pandemic. The world changed in a way no one had ever expected or experienced and early on, this blog was my way to cope. Unfortunately, I succumbed to the darkness for a bit, leaving me unmotivated, hopeless, and stuck in so many senses of the word.

Once I started to make changes where I could in my personal life, I started posting again and began to surround myself with voices that were inspiring me to get out of that hole and into my dreams again…weirdly enough, in the bleakest parts of the pandemic.

I attended music industry virtual networking events, looked for music industry knowledge and inspiration on the internet, and found myself re-energized by the wisdom of a lot of TikTok creators, including one who I felt understood me without even knowing me personally and somehow convinced his way into joining the team.

Fast forward to now, I finally feel exactly where I’m supposed to be and on the verge of something really exciting. And I’m thrilled to have a team of collaborators in Eden and Joe that I can trust to build this community with me.

We’ve got so much coming ahead. We are working on a site redesign for the next few months, artist interviews, and a podcast concept to come in the next year!

For now, I’d like to announce the launch of our Twitter! What can you expect from there? Promo of the blog posts obviously but more importantly, music related thoughts to feelings and observations in our lives. Some controversy sometimes because it IS Twitter but yeah, just a lot of relatable fun.

Go give us a follow!

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