And just like that, the temperatures have gone up and spring has come and gone. This season was filled with ups and downs, moments of pure fun and moments of pure isolation. But I have to admit, the music released this spring did NOT disappoint.

To wrap up Spring 2022, I’m sharing some of the songs on my playlist and thoughts on new releases from the season. Joe and Eden are taking time off from the blog for the time being, so it’ll be just like old times around here.

Spring for me was kind of all over the place. There was potent, fun energy around me at times and there was lonely but healing energy around me at others. Overall, when I look back at this season I think of the ways I started giving back to myself. Let’s dive into the soundtrack of my life in Spring 2022.

The King by Sarah Kinsley

“You’re scared of when it’s over, you’re still young and you’re still free…”

No song really captures the empowered, unstoppable feeling I felt throughout spring. I was living as if I owed it to my younger self that only dreamed of the things I was doing. The season started off chaotic for me. I was traveling, running some big projects at work, and learning how to take advantage of the fertile ground I’m in career wise. I started participating in a coaching program at work and finally feel like I was in the drivers seat of my career. I got to do a little networking and even was featured on our company blog. King behavior to me.

Twice by Charli XCX

“All the things I love are gonna leave me. One day, you’re never gonna be there. I tell myself to take it easy, don’t think twice about it…”

Charli XCX’s album hit different for me. As much as it was full of danceable bops, there were some really tender moments that caught me off guard. This song feels like a conversation I had with myself like every day during spring. I felt like I really did my best to acknowledge the dark thoughts that came from the lonely place I was in, but I had to come to place where I was like “ok, that was dark, but it was a passing thought.” Some things aren’t worth a second thought.

All I Ever Asked by Rachel Chinouriri

“Just a little more time, was it really that hard to do? It was all I ever asked of you…”

This is one of two songs that sound exactly like spring 2022 to me. Rachel’s delicate voice is one of kindness and whimsy. This song comforted me enough to let the past go and metaphorically frolic in a meadow. One of the major reasons I felt so lonely during spring was because I realized I was needing to take time away from my old social circle. I was feeling hurt and wary about asking for help from these folks. There’s no ill will but sometimes you need to take time away for wounds to heal. Anyway, Rachel’s EP Better Off Without is just indie perfection, you gotta follow her.

Subtleties (Never Giving Up on You) by The Regrettes

“Why am I so scared of lookin’ at my mirror and seein’ who I am?”

This is song two of two that sound like spring 2022; bird sounds and all. I mentioned in my festival forecast this year that I was absolutely in love with The Regrettes’ new album Further Joy. I really feel like they captured the work I’ve been doing on being kinder to myself. Lydia Night’s voice is also beautifully delicate here as she voices how hard it is to love the body she’s in. This love song felt like the tender moments of care I’d give myself as I wrestled with this new season I’m in. I feel like I said “no” a lot this spring and it was new to me. But it felt peaceful for once.

Anything But Me by MUNA

“You say that you need relief, well I hope you get everything you need, everything but me…”

I had this song on repeat and not just because it was catchy as fuck. This song was the theme song to cutting off a toxic friend for me. I struggled with the idea of it all winter and it was like MUNA helped me realize that I can still love someone and wish them the best but not want to be in their life. I’m so excited for their new album out this week and I can’t wait to see them in concert later this year!

It Works by COIN

“Heaven never hurt so much. Flipping through the TV, wrestling with Jesus, I feel like we’re losing touch…”

I included this song on my Going On a Clear Your Mind Drive playlist because one Sunday during spring on my way to church, I listened to this song the entire time and sobbed. This song gave space for me to sit in how much it sucks to be human and love imperfectly. As I listened, I thought of all the times I tried my best to love that friend I cut off and no matter how much I felt like I tried to love sacrificially, it was still imperfect. It made me realize that no one’s ever going to love me the right way and I have to learn to accept love that at least tries. It sucks to feel misunderstood and I’m pretty sure this is the reason I’ve been spiritually distant lately.

Turbulent by Waterparks

“So fuck yourself and fuck your feelings, I believe in not in you and me so…”

Did I get into Waterparks because subconsciously I was thinking about how Bad Suns is touring the UK with them right now? Or was I just angry and they helped me? Why not both? As I dealt with the fallout from that friend situation, I found myself getting real angry — in that pop punk way. I got angry in the familiar way: realizing how much I give and give and never seem to receive what I want. I know, it’s not cool but that’s why I’m still going to therapy.

About Damn Time by Lizzo

“Oh, I’m not the girl I was or used to be. Bitch, I might be better…”

LIZZO IS BACK Y’ALL. I was really on one when I strutted into my office happy hour to this song back in April. It was wild to see like 30 people in the office, like I literally couldn’t find parking for once. But really though, this song captures that hopeful feeling we’re all craving. The last few years have been rough and is it really so bad to want to have a good time? I’m organizing an office karaoke party as we speak and I feel like this one just has to be sung.

This Hell by Rina Sawayama

“This hell is better with you…”

First of all, Happy Pride Month. Second of all, LET’S GO GIRLS. Rina Sawayama is BACK and in case you’re new here, I stan everything she does. I’ve been loving this song because amidst the struggles I’ve had with my old social circles, I’ve been thinking about how I can better support the queer community. I think about the line in Billy Joel’s “Only the Good Die Young” where he says “I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints” a lot and this song takes that to the next level.

Tek It by Cafuné

“I watch the moon, let it run my mood…”

We’ve heard this song all over TikTok (Instagram reels if ya nasty) lately and you’ve got admit, it’s a great song. But I need a space to tell about how amazing and crazy it is that this song blew up. I remember when my past coworker Noah told us his band’s song was blowing up because anime fancam makers had found it and run amok with it. The Magdalena Bay treatment, if you will. In the course of literally a month, Noah went from excitedly telling us about his song blowing up to giving his two weeks because Cafuné signed a deal with Elektra. Needless to say, I’m excited for them and pumped that I scored tickets to their sold out show in LA in October.

After Coffee by Joywave

“After coffee, sitting all alone in thought, wondering if I should give it up…but I’m too scared to jump…”

I had this song on repeat many times during the season and I wasn’t sure why, until it recently clicked. After realizing how I’m in such fertile ground career wise, I’ve been wrestling with goal setting. I’m coming up to my first year at Output and while it’s still a dream to work there, I want to be great at what I do. I know there’s part of me that’s scared of success and I have to work through that. But it’s such a weird thing to think about best case scenarios when you’ve been used to disappointment.

Late Night Talking by Harry Styles

“Wish I was around, I just wanna make you happier, baby…”

Speaking of best case scenarios, I have to come clean about something I’ve been up to: it’s about time I get back to dating. And damn it Harry, this is all I want. As much as I’m trying to pass it off like I just want to hot girl bass groove strut around with dozens of potential suitors, I just want someone to stay up talking with me. I mean, isn’t that the level of intimacy we all want as humans? Well, thanks Harry, thanks a lot for revealing my secret.

Unfortunately spring ended with a big **blows raspberry** for me. After 2.5 years, ya girl got covid last week — hence the unprecedented Tuesday post here. Thank God I’m mostly back to normal (minus a sporadic cough) and it was nothing more than a cold that wouldn’t quit. But I have to admit it still totally ruined my vibe to close out spring 2022. Summer 2022, I don’t know what you’ve got for me but now that I (mostly) survived covid, I feel like I’ve got nothing to lose. And that feels dangerous.

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