Look, I’m not saying the new Harry Styles album had everything to do with this week’s playlist…but he had at least something to do with this week’s playlist.

The clear influence of slinky disco over a few Harry’s House tracks got me realizing that I’ve really been vibing with what I call “hot girl strutting music” or energetic music that I play in my headphones when I’m walking down the street with confidence.

With the weather getting warmer and me exhausted of any form of deep sadness, I’m aching for a carefree “hot girl summer” where I let go and celebrate every way I’ve grown in the past year. My confidence has stabilized in a really healthy place these days where I realize that I’m a kind, intelligent and capable woman who also happens to be an actual bombshell. In other words, the ethereal femme fatale is here and ready for summer 2022.

This playlist captures my vibe as things heat up on the northern hemisphere. I told my friend Lindsey recently that I really feel like I’ve had so much pent up flirty energy from the last 3 years that has been dying to get out and this time, I’m not afraid to use it. Instead of being afraid of my flirty energy like I had been in the last 3 years, I’m using it like a weapon at my disposal because there’s nothing wrong with being playful and giving space to that side of me.

Strutting fast, strutting slow, songs new and old, this playlist is all about getting into that confident, sexy vibe that only a solid bass groove can hold down. Hope you use it for your summer shenanigans. 💋


Cinema by Harry Styles

Honestly, I had so many songs from Harry’s House to choose from but I went with this one because Harry is not holding back here. Ever since I heard this man sing the words “you pop when we get intimate” I have not been able to stop thinking about how silly yet sexy this line is. Like, the lead up to that full line being sung is groove to the max, but to stop the groove to say that line is both euphoric and like “Harryyy you DID not do what I just think you did!” (Folks, he knew EXACTLY what he was doing there and that’s why it’s on the playlist.)

A Kiss by The Driver Era

Ok this is the actual song that inspired this playlist. I don’t remember exactly when I found this song, although I think it was a few months ago. But my God, this bop makes me so feral that I literally worry for my safety when I listen to it while driving because I dance to it so hard. Doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop listening to it in the car!! Just gonna keep getting weird looks like I’m Sally in the deli in “When Harry Met Sally.” Fun fact: if you were a Disney Channel kid like me, you might notice that the lead singer is in fact Austin from Austin and Ally.

Yuck by Charli XCX

Crash is a masterpiece. This song was my favorite on my first listen of the album because of the way it is the ultimate hot girl message: “I’m just here to have fun, stop interrupting my fun with your romance.” As someone who has been romantic to a fault, I’m not really looking to put anyone on a pedestal anymore. If anything, I deserve a moment on the pedestal because my love’s incredible!

Vintage by Blu Detiger

How could I make a hot girl bass grooves playlist and not include the literal icon of hot girl bass, Blu Detiger? Her entire discography is hot girl bass grooves but I chose this one because she’s saying all that I’m trying to say. I need a vintage boy I met in a mosh pit who likes singing to Mr. Brightside at karaoke for my outfit!

Control by Kid Bloom

All credit goes to Bad Suns for my love affair with Kid Bloom. They are pals with Kid Bloom and their discography is just filled with perfect bangers, specifically ones that highlight the power of the bass and the synth. I chose this one because of the hot girl messaging of “I can’t give you all this control” — because how can you be playful and flirty if you let yourself fall head over heels? An edgy, groovy track, love to hear it. They’ve got an album coming out next week and you BET I’m gonna be listening intently.

Da Ya Think I’m Sexy? by Rod Stewart

I used to cringe so hard at this song when I was a kid. I remember literally being like “someone needs to tell Rod Stewart to calm down or else I will.” Now I feel like I can appreciate it for the playful moment it is. It’s 70s disco cheesiness at its finest and you have to have fun with it. The bass groove in this song is just so iconic, how could I leave it off the list?

Move by DNCE

There’s a reason that Joe is the fun Jonas brother and you can hear it in his band DNCE’s music. Their newest song “Move” has that disco groove bass that makes you want to dance the moment you hear it. The lyrics are fun and playful, which if you haven’t noticed yet, is the key to a perfectly sexy song. Like yes DJ Danger (old school Jonas Brothers fans know), if you’re offering to buy me a car, I will be moving like that all summer.

No You Girls by Franz Ferdinand

Another major inspiration for this week’s playlist is the fact that I saw Franz Ferdinand at the Just Like Heaven music festival last weekend. It was the ultimate hot girl move because my friend Mackayla had an extra VIP Clubhouse Platinum wristband that I didn’t have to pay for. So I strutted into the festival grounds (a Pasadena golf course in the sweetest disarray) and danced the night away. Lol I literally had a nice older lady walk past me and be like “dang girl, are you single??” Anyway, Franz Ferdinand gives THE BEST bass lines and I think I should plan to give them a proper spotlight soon.

Chapstick by COIN

Y’all already know, this is a COIN appreciation blog and it’s about time I put them in the musical loves of my life category. This song though, oh my God. I could kiss young Chase Lawrence’s mind for the line “let’s lose control and alt delete.” Describing how a computer would describe the feeling of a kiss? Genius!!

Summer Days by Martin Garrix featuring Macklemore and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy

This song and this video are peak hot girl summer fun. It’s impossible not to dance to this one and it’s perfect for strutting around like the lady in the music video. It’s also wild to me how this song combines electronic dance elements, a rap, and a soul-punk singer to create a perfect mix of funk-pop. Like, dang whoever’s idea this was? Thank you for this proper summer banger.

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