It is HILARIOUS to me how many songs there are out there named “Boyfriend.” As someone who’s never officially had someone they can call their boyfriend and is not in a rush for that either, I have no choice but to laugh.

I mean, I guess there really is so much to say about boyfriends, right? The funny thing about this playlist of songs is that every artist has a different story and reason why their song is called “Boyfriend.”

Fun fact: the guy at the end is Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite lol

My first encounter with a song called “Boyfriend” was Ashlee Simpson’s version. As a kid absorbing all of my older sister’s music, I liked this song because it was angsty and just a straight banger. Also I thought it was really funny that Ashlee would slap her butt in the music video. Y’all, I was like 9, that was my sense of humor at the time.

Then came the ABSOLUTE BOP that is Big Time Rush’s “Boyfriend”. I was on the fence about Big Time Rush for a bit but when I heard this one I was like — y’all this song is pop perfection and I am willing to die on that hill for you. PUT SOME RESPECT ON BTR’S NAME. Preteen me was all for this new Monkees fake band-turned real band situation. I mean, they somehow got Snoop Dogg on a version of this one.

Also in case you didn’t know, Big Time Rush is back with new music too!

Since then, I feel like I’m not surprised by each new song with the title “boyfriend” that I come across. But I AM curious to hear the angle in the song: is the boyfriend doing good? Is someone getting played? Are y’all chilling by the fire while you’re eating fondue? So many possibilities!!

Ok well now, I’ve looked at the word boyfriend too much now to actually think it’s a real word. It looks like “boy fried” which idk feels right. Anyway, if you have a boyfriend, if you want a boyfriend, if you hate your boyfriend, if someone’s treating you like a boyfriend and you don’t like it: there’s something for everyone! Bop along to these “boyfriend” tracks I’ve found pals.

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