So, I guess we’re all (unofficially) in quarantine now here in the US. For the record, we’ve already known that there’s a loneliness epidemic but it’s very possible that it’ll be exacerbated by ol’ Corona. As someone who’s struggled with loneliness, now more than ever do I find it important to reach out to friends and loved ones to make sure they know I love them and am praying for them.

Loneliness is such a weird thing because it sneaks up on you. Sometimes you’ll be living your best life with your friends and then a doubtful voice gets louder. Part of it comes from our human struggles with belonging. Having felt lonely for a lot of my life, I wonder if there’s a person out there that has never felt it. Whoever that person is, what is your secret? But also, I’d like them to live the life of a hermit so they get a taste of it. Anyway, my bitterness aside, loneliness does make a lot of great art and music.

I gathered some songs about loneliness so you get a nuanced picture of it all. From Lauv’s ‘kick in the gut because it’s so true’ singalong “Modern Loneliness” to the hopefulness of America’s “Lonely People” to the longing of The Motels’ “Only The Lonely,” there’s something for everyone.

Please talk to your friends and your loved ones in this time. Heck, even your coworkers if you’re working remote now. If you’re feeling lonely in this time, you can always reach out to me. I’m happy to talk to you about music or listen to you talk about anything that makes you excited. Stay safe friends.

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