Welcome to a new series I call “Can’t Get You Out of My Head.” This is where I ramble on about a song that is so completely stuck in my head that I need to scream to the void about it. Yes, I’m referencing the Kylie Minogue song.

Ok first of all, you probably didn’t notice but I haven’t put up a playlist or blog in a month because life is crazy. I’ve been starting to lose my mind now because I’m being reminded that not so long ago, I was gallivanting all around LA/the OC to watch some really awesome bands and artists. Yes, I’m sad about it but I’d really rather not get sick or get someone sick ya know?

I was really looking forward to seeing COIN and Sure Sure play at the Wiltern on April 4th, but that concert has been since been rescheduled. Hopefully they won’t have to reschedule again, but who honestly knows at this point.

If there’s a brightside to this, it gives me more time to fall in love with both bands’ music.

I’ve become well-acquainted with COIN’s discography slowly but surely. I got on a kick with them when I saw them play with Fitz and the Tantrums and Young the Giant last summer. Their new album is so good, go give it a listen if you haven’t yet.

Sure Sure, on the other hand, I’ve just now started to get to know. First of all, I recently read their LA Times article and I love how they’re coping with quarantine. On tour in your house? GENIUS. Second of all, it makes me happy to know they’re a pretty local band to me.

Anyway, I’ve begun my dive into their stuff and they’ve got gems. “Friends” is the one I latched onto first.

I first heard this song through a Spotify daily mix playlist and the thing that immediately got me was the piano part. It’s got a ragtime bounce mixed with a slow syncopation. The steady drum beat complements it well. It’s nostalgic and new at the same time.

What has kept it on repeat subconsciously are the lyrics. I had no clue of the words at first listen except for the “HOW COULD YOU FORGET?” But it’s iconic honestly. As I listened more, I realized what the song was about and then was like “huh same. Definitely been THERE semi-recently.”

For the last couple days, I’ve literally been internally and externally screaming the words to this song. Especially the part about Baja Fresh. I have no explanation for that one.

Am I going insane from quarantine? Probably. But it’s because I’m ruminating on the deep emotions I’ve felt in the last five-ish years. To summarize, life got generally disappointing after I came back from studying abroad in Shanghai in 2015. I feel like I haven’t been paying attention to much since then because of that feeling of general disappointment. I know, it’s insane I’ve let things go like this. But hey, now that I’m aware of it, I’m inspired to journal and write creatively again!

Anyway, enough about my personal life, go listen to this song because I told you to. If you’re mad about someone disappointing you, I suggest you learn the words and scream them to your wall. That’s what I’m doing until further notice! ♫ AT THE BA-JA FRESH. WHAT THE HELL DID I EXPECT? ♫♫♫♫ HOOOOW COULD YOU FOR-GET??? ♫

Also, as I’m diving into Sure Sure’s stuff, send me recs at @soundslikefeelslike on Instagram!

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