So LA has been hitting rock bottom when it comes to COVID cases. One out of every six people in LA is dying from COVID. I am absolutely terrified. I do not want to leave my house for anything, even though I committed to volunteering somewhere every Saturday. Literally, my brother and I are fighting anxiety on a daily basis. My parents are high risk and my sister has a newborn baby. What can I do but pray and cry about this reality?

Well, if it wasn’t for dancing — I’d be in a very bad place. I’m trying to work it into my daily routine now because it’s clear that my body needs it. I’ve compiled some of my favorite songs to dance to through this pandemic. Sad, anxious, and slightly encouraging words but undoubtedly danceable grooves. If I’m gonna panic, then at least let me PRETEND I’m at the disco, ya feel?

Special thanks to my girl Eden, my cousin Lili, and my high school bio/AP Psych teacher Mr. Schiller for your song recs!


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