Let me provide a visual: so you just moved into a new suburban neighborhood and all of a sudden, some punk-ass kids riding on their skateboards pull up to you. At first, you’re like ‘who do these kids think they are? what do they want? how do I avoid this interaction?’ As you start talking to them, you realize there’s something endearing about them, somehow they’re going through the same things you are. After spending some time talking to them, you realize they’re actually pretty cool.

That’s how I view these bands in this playlist. Since starting this blog, I’ve been scouring through lots of new bands. Lately, I’ve really been into the kids doing what’s called bedroom pop and the kids doing some darn good indie rock.

The darn good indie rock kids come from the same thread of angsty 2000s rock like The Killers, Panic! At the Disco, and Fall Out Boy, three of my all-time favorite bands. There’s touches of glam and dramatics and just good ol’ angst communicated through catchy hooks with a modern twist.

These kids are onto something, so welcome them into your playlists. They don’t bite, but if you go to one of their shows, you might end up moshing. Just a warning!

HUNNY – I found HUNNY when I was doing my due diligence as a Bad Suns fan and I learned they toured together. If I’m allowed a 2000s Disney Channel show reference, HUNNY is the Zack to Bad Suns’ Cody. I got really into “Vowels (and the Importance of Being Me)” and “Colder Parts” and that opened the door to the rest of their discography, including their wonderful new album YES. YES. YES. YES. YES. I consider them my go-to angsty band right now because so many songs just hit that angry part at humanity’s curse of selfishness in me. Anyway, before I get too existentialist, their live shows are WONDERFUL, go see them for a good time.

Bay Faction – Bay Faction opened for HUNNY and boy, am I glad I gave them a listen before seeing them live. They’re moody and captivating, like you’re watching them play while you chill in your friend’s garage. Super cool guys and I’m looking forward to more music from them.

Waterparks – These guys are the very definition of “punk-ass kids.” I found out about them because of frontman Awsten Knight’s Twitter. After seeing his tweets and tweets about the band through Alt Press magazine for literally months, it finally occurred to me that I should listen to their music. They remind me of the breed of pop punk that bred All Time Low. I heard “Blonde” and I was like, “ok, I totally get it now.” But it was “Hawaii (Stay Awake)” that I really connected with last fall. These guys are totally tongue-in-cheek with their lyrics and online interactions.

Younger Hunger – I saw these guys at a weekly showcase in LA and they were instantly captivating. They had a girl in skeleton makeup sitting onstage moodily during their set. I related to her on a spiritual level. Like Waterparks, these guys are also “punk-ass kids” in their social media presence, just check out their Instagram to know what I’m talking about. I latched onto “Dead Inside” when I saw them and even added it to my first playlist on here. Just turn their music on and you too will be moody, skeleton girl because their music is so good it’ll melt your face off.

The Band CAMINO – I found these guys through Spotify’s endless radio recommendations. “Daphne Blue,” their latest single, was a total vibe: I wanted to be this girl they’re talking about. I featured “2/14” on my last playlist, ew it’s valentine’s day, because it was a bop against falling in love, which I’m totally for. I also found out they’re touring with 5 Seconds of Summer, which is bound to be a dope show.

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