Ok, people who know me personally: No, this is not only gonna be about the Jonas Brothers. (I will put forth my declaration of love to them later because I’m still processing, hold please.) Their comeback was a personal thing for me, however, they’re not the only kids that came back into the music scene after a long hiatus.

In the last few months, it seems that so many beloved bands and artists we thought we wouldn’t hear from again…are back. Green Day. Coldplay. EVEN MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE IS BACK. Like?? Whoever put together the playlist of 2019, I just have to say thank you and SERIOUSLY I’VE FREAKED OUT SO MUCH IN RESPONSE THAT’S WHY I STARTED THIS BLOG.

Anyway, I handpicked some songs from some of my favorite comebacks of the year. Check out The Comeback Kids playlist below:

Highlights (per band):

Jonas Brothers — They’re the loves of my life. That’s all you need to know. Happiness Begins? More like happiness BEGAN when they came back. But more on that later on the blog.

Then: Much Better – This bop is totally underrated and it’s a crime they haven’t played it on tour yet. It’s my favorite song by them.
Now: Strangers – This bop has made me cry multiple times this year because it’s such a beautiful and romantic and nostalgic song. They’ve said they wrote it for their fans. *crowd goes “awwww!”* The scream that I uttered at their concert when they started playing it was barely human.

Green Day – These legends announced their comeback in the dopest way. One could say it was a HELLA MEGA announcement. I will probably sell my firstborn child to go to that show. Ugh, why haven’t I gotten tickets yet? I learned from Bad Suns, don’t wait ya dingus!

Then: Holiday – You cannot say that bridge is not one of the most ICONIC things Green Day has ever done. “THE REPRESENTATIVE FROM CALIFORNIA HAS THE FLOOR” followed by a punky Billie Joe Armstrong basically rapping? Also the fact that the rest of the song is melodic yet punky and indignant? I’m shook every time.
Now: Father of All… – You guys, the drums in this song are insane. The guitars, also insane. Billie Joe Armstrong’s vocals, also—you guessed it, INSANE. If you’re not headbanging, you’re doing it wrong.

My Chemical Romance – The emo trinity has officially been revived. I don’t know what sayonce Panic! At the Disco and Fall Out Boy held, but I think it’s funny that Joe Jonas was the one that dropped the hint for everyone. It’s even funnier that Frank Iero was like “ugh stay in your lane you wannabe rockstar you don’t know what you’re talking about” as a response to Joe. My Chem fans tweeted apologies to Joe because he was right. Oh, 2019, you never stop wildin’.

Then: I’m Not Okay (I Promise) – I love this song because it makes me feel understood because I’m dramatic as heck. I have a very vivid memory of loudly and dramatically rocking out to this song as I driving around a mall in the Valley in the summer after I graduated college. Idk, this seems like a really good outlet for post-grad frustrations if you ask me.
Now: They should know that all the past and present emos are waiting for the new songs. *insert Judge Judy meme here*

Coldplay – I know Coldplay did that song with The Chainsmokers (or as a random guy in Vegas called them, the Spaghetti-smokers). But it’s been a minute since they’ve released their own music. This comeback came out of the blue it feels; I learned it from my close friend Kalley, a certified Coldplay super fan. I’m excited to see what’s to come though because I believe they just don’t make bad music.

Then: Hymn for the Weekend – They got BEYONCE for a collab. The definition of epic. They have a lot of phenomenal songs in their catalog but I’m just really feeling this song because 2019 is just a big ol’ party.
Now: Orphans – This song excites me because it captures the freedom of their last album. Like I picture kids screaming down the street in the chorus and it feels really ethereal.

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