Dearly beloved SOUNDS LIKE FEELS LIKE familia, I’m sure you know that the SuperBowl is this coming Sunday. Oh you didn’t? It’s ok…some of my coworkers thought it was later in Feb. But yeah, it’s this Sunday. And for me, this is probably the most important SuperBowl halftime performance to date. Why? Because two of my LATINA IDOLS from my childhood are gonna kill it.

Shakira and JLo have been OUT HERE bringing LATINA EXCELLENCE into the world. But the fact that some folks only know that Shakira’s hips don’t lie (I mean, they don’t) and that JLo’s got a booty (I mean, werk), frankly disconcerts me.

Consider this your primer for their halftime performance, or an entry way into joining me in celebrating them because ICONS ONLY perform at the SuperBowl (y’all can disagree on that if ya want to).


Whenever, Wherever – Shakira
Before everyone learned that her hips don’t lie, she was out here making guys break up with their girlfriends because of the music video. This song is perfect in English and Spanish and I don’t care which version gets sung.

Get Right – JLo
This song INSTANTLY gets me in a party mood. It’s classic Jenny from the block and I would be v surprised if it didn’t appear in a segment. That saxophone sample is ICONIC.

Ojos Así – Shakira
This is Shakira’s iconic belly dancing song. I expect there to be some interlude with a hint to this song, even if just a small instrumental. Shakira’s Lebanese roots need some airtime.

On the Floor ft. Pitbull – JLo
If we’re betting on who’s gonna make a guest appearance during the halftime show, I’m putting all my money on Mr. Worldwide, Pitbull. He has collabs with both JLo and Shak. This is my favorite collab tho.

Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) – Shakira
Everyone else in the world calls soccer, football. This song was the theme song for the FIFA World Cup in 2010 and I think it’s gonna make an appearance in the halftime show. It still slaps tbh and people all around the world love it. I remember hearing it in a subway station in Shanghai. Literally the most random place. Anyway, I just hope my friend Juliette’s dad gets to enjoy this one because it’s one of his favorite songs and it’s my favorite thing about him.

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