A why behind my choice of songs.

Everyone has their own taste in music. It’s a collection of songs, artists, and genres that each person has taken an interest in for whatever reason. (I’ll probably research and blog about this later because it’s fascinating to me.) Allow me to explain what you’ll see from me here on this site.

Lots of pop, lots of rock, definitely all kinds of throwbacks, and whatever is currently capturing my attention. I’m into lyrics and melodies that get stuck in my head, especially if they get me when I’m in a really deep in the feels state.

That being said, I’m always looking to expand my music taste and am looking forward to the opportunities to learn more about different genres through the artists I’ll meet.

Nothing excites me more than the stories behind the song. I did major in journalism at Pepperdine after all.

What WON’T you see? Well, I don’t listen to classical music too much and I’m not too into deathcore/screamo type stuff, so you won’t see much of that here. But I can surprise y’all, so be on your toes!

I am exploring rap, hip-hop, and EDM/electronic—so you might see a little o’ this, a little o’ that from me.

Also, I’m game for musical comedy every now and then—but that’s probably for another blogger…or comedian? Idk.

But Kelly, what about the idea that there’s no such thing as genres anymore?

Yo, random voice, I hear you and I know artists these days are blurring the lines between genres these days—personally, I love it. However, people like me are trying to put a name on their music business so people like you can explore your musical horizons by latching onto a familiar word like “jazz-like” or “punk-rock.”

Ultimately, I care about the feeling that the song evokes. Whether I get that from the music or the lyrics shouldn’t matter. I’ll know a song is good if it can transport me somewhere in my mind or as Carly Rae Jepsen sings it, if it makes me “cut to the feeling.” The goal of this blog is to lead you to discover songs, artists, and new types of songs from feelings that are universal.

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