Left to right: Miles Morris (drums), Gavin Bennett (bass/keyboard), Ray Libby (guitar), and Christo Bowman (guitar/vocals)

All I want

All I want is you

Your violet disposition

My unsound intuition…

— Violet, Bad Suns

So, I have this thing for rockstars. I’m not sure exactly when it started but I can say that Joe Jonas was definitely the first one to blame for setting the bar for my idea of an ideal romantic partner so high.

But this post is not about him. Him and his brothers will get their own thing, believe me.

No, today I’m telling the internet world that I have fallen in love with Bad Suns.

I first discovered their music in spring 2018, as I was in the midst of my last semester at Pepperdine. Oh, the confidence of a second semester college senior. I had heard the songs “Violet” and “Daft Pretty Boys” through the Daily Mix playlists that Spotify launched and I was very drawn. I added them to my “Last Hurrah” playlist and then to my summer playlist.

I loved those songs so much that for some reason it didn’t occur to me that there was MORE TO DISCOVER.

Fast forward to April 2019, I heard they were playing the Wiltern and I very seriously considered going. I chickened out for whatever reason. A dumb decision.

But I had started diving into their music and was determined to see them the next chance I got.

Fast forward to October 2019, I had spent several months going back and forth on getting tickets to their show at the Glass House to learn it was sold out. Why did I put it off? Another dumb decision.

Then, on October 12, 2019, I had the crazy idea to drive from Malibu where I saw A R I Z O N A to Pomona to see if I could get a ticket to see Bad Suns. It was SOLD OUT folks.

On the ride to Pomona, I listened to their entire discography and the more I listened, the less I doubted the crazy adventure I had thrown myself into and the more desperate I was for there to be tickets available.

I get to the ticketing line an hour before the show starts to ask if there was an extra ticket or even a waitlist I could get on. The ticketing guy said someone had a free ticket, left it with him, and he then gave it to me. If you ask me, it was meant to be.

As for the show—guys, I know we don’t know each other too well, but I FELL IN LOVE.

I don’t know if it was because I was on a single-gal adventure as I was getting over a relationship but watching frontman Christo Bowman rockstar it up on the stage (and in the crowd!! Twice!!!) made me realize the love I deserve…or at least that rockstars will always have a special place in my heart…and I should probably be with one…

The best way I can describe how it happened for me is that he started off looking chill in this red track jacket and before I knew it, he was owning the stage like a rockstar/Disney prince. I DON’T KNOW GUYS, I FELL IN LOVE.

Since then, I’ve been spreading the good news of Bad Suns to everyone I meet. To my girlfriends, I’ve been fawning over ol’ Chris like a 12 year old fan girl. Christo, if you ever see this, you’re dope, much respect, I love what you guys are doing, keep it up for the love of all that is good.

So besides Christo Bowman being a fantastic frontman, why are they so great?

First off, they’re a local band. They originated in Woodland Hills, CA, aka where my dad used to work and where I’d go to for entertainment as a college student.

Second of all, they tap into the type of indie rock that I love: it’s catchy, there’s inventive lyrics, there’s all sorts of fascinating arrangements, and there’s layers to what they do.

Third of all, their lyrics not only tell relatable stories, but they’re honest. I have a lot of favorite songs from them, but one that I really feel deeply lately is “We Move Like the Ocean.”

I’ve been just coasting

My mind put to motion

We move like the ocean

But I can’t swim anymore…

-We Move Like the Ocean, Bad Suns

This lyric really gets me because in a lot of ways, I felt like I was just floating through the past few seasons of life with no exact goals set. Post-grad life has been a lot like that because I’ve been getting used to a new routine. I’m learning to swim again by setting tangible goals and doing things I want to be doing. As cerebral as this song’s lyrics are, seeing this song played live was the moment in the show everyone felt in sync and present.

So now why should you listen to them?

Because you’ll fall in love too. Ok, no promises on that. But maybe you’ll be able to connect to some part of their artistry. They’ve really cultivated a wonderful sound. I’ve picked out 15 songs for you as an introduction into their music, let it be a flashlight for you as you dive in. If it makes you want to see them live, DON’T WAIT BECAUSE THEY CAN SELL OUT SHOWS. And we can’t all be as lucky as me that day.


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